I received an eGifter card. How do I redeem it?

You received an eGifter Card – lucky you! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get the gift card of your choice from eGifter, using the eGifter Card you received as payment. (An eGifter Card can be thought of as a credit with eGifter.com that you can use to pay for your purchase.) There are never any fees to redeem an eGifter card!


  1. Click “Claim Gift” on the page where you first see your eGifter Card. (This is the page with the message from your friend who sent it to you.)
  2. If you already have an eGifter.com account, your eGifter Card will automatically be added to your Wallet on eGifter.com when you sign-in to your account.
  3. If you don’t yet have an eGifter.com account, please create an account. You will receive an email to verify your account, then the eGifter Card will be added to your Wallet.
  4. Once signed in, click the link “My Wallet” in the top navigation of the site. Your eGifter Card will be in the second tab labeled “EGIFTER CARDS.” When viewing your eGifter card in your Wallet, click “Use Now” to shop for a gift card(s) for yourself or for a friend.
  5. If you don’t want to use your eGifter card immediately, shop at eGifter.com at any time and select “Use eGifter Card” at checkout to complete your order.


Note: If the value of the gift card(s) you chose to buy is greater than the value of your eGifter Card, you will have to use a second payment option (e.g., credit card, PayPal) to complete your transaction. If the value of the gift card(s) you chose is less than the value of your eGifter Card, the balance will remain available on your eGifter Card in your Wallet.


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